The 6nPay Team

We aren’t just building a revolutionary new payment system, we are changing the way of life for the people around the world. If you’d like to help us achieve our goals while helping 6nPay spread around the world, we’d love to hear from you today.

6nPay Executive Team

Avi Weinberg

Avi Weinberg

Founder & CEO

Avi Weinberg is leading the development of a new, innovative and modern monetary financial ecosystem, which bridges our current financial system with emerging innovations and technologies. His vision will change the daily life of every U.S. consumer & merchant.  Trusted innovation executive, an industry leader and proven serial entrepreneur with disruptive technology, FinTech, Payments and Blockchain companies in the US and abroad. Leading advances in blockchain, decentralization, and Crypto economics.

Anthony Mazza

Anthony Mazza


Anthony Mazza is the company’s Chief Operations Officer (COO). He is a New York-licensed attorney with significant CXO experience, particularly in operations and technology. Mazza is the former COO of iWebGate Corporation, a technology company specializing in network defense products, after five years leading the company through its IPO on the ASX. Prior to iWebGate, Mazza served as a Senior Managing Director for six years at Watkins Consulting, primarily engaged in Operations and Compliance Consulting providing risk analysis related to credit, cyber and litigation issues. 

Kenneth Douglas

Kenneth Douglas


Over three decades of successful Business, Corporate and Partnership Development within Financial Institutions, Acquiring Banks/Processors, Card Networks, FinTech/PayFac, and Blockchain organizations.  Kenny speaks regularly as an Industry Leader for KeyBanc Capital Markets MOSAIC group as an SME (Subject Matter Expert) for the payment industry, FinTech/PayFac, emerging/alternative payments, mobile payments, and technology.

Teams & Open Roles


Human Resources




Risk & Security

Our main offices are currently located in Israel and the US, and we have partners and freelancers from around the world. We are looking for those who can help us change the world. top talents and professional advisors, management, freelancers, and all team with experience in:

  • marketing
  • social media
  • public relations
  • security
  • AI & ML
  • banking
  • online banking
  • credit card system
  • payment system
  • electronic financial transactions
  • blockchain
  • cryptocurrency
  • cryptocurrency
  • smart contracts
  • biometric systems
  • loyalty systems
  • credit card points systems
  • POS – Point of Sale
  • accounting systems

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