Partners & Affiliates

Merchant Service Providers

With the new 6nPay system, there is no place and need for merchant services or other middlemen involved in the old plastic-based payment system. Thus, it is self-evident we prefer affiliates from the technology side rather than the merchant services industry. However, for a short period of time, we are opening the doors for a limited number of Portfolio holders such as merchant service providers, ISOs, Agents (residuals based), and Others to become affiliates for all their customers.

With new technologies and innovations entering the marketplace, there is a broad trend against MSPs. For those facing reality and looking to save their assets, you can become an affiliate and register your customers (as long as your customers did not yet join us directly or were registered by another affiliate partner). After this period, we will not accept more MSP’s/ISO’s nor will we accept more customers from them.

There are a few key limitations:


We have no good reason to accept affiliates from overlapping territories, especially if some of the customers have already signed up directly with 6nPay or through other affiliates. Therefore, if other affiliates already covering your geographical area, we may reject your request and allow them to go after your customers.


If you’re ex agent / worker or competitor was the first to register your customers with us it could NOT be changed, even if the affiliate closes his account. The way the accounts are created eliminates the option of assigning affiliate accounts after registration. If a merchant registers with us directly, no affiliate can be added to ANY of his businesses.


Once the POS, gateway, or payment application company that a merchant is using is registered as a 6nPay affiliate, all merchants users of who uses their system will be signed under their affiliate account with no option to change.


6nPay reserves the right to not accept affiliates for any reason. We also reserve the right to stop at any time without notice accepting new affiliates or new merchants from existing affiliates.

Attention: We are sorry to see service providers losing customers to others while waiting for our response to questions. Don’t lose your customers!

We are limited in resources to answer the same questions repeatedly, so we have created a Merchant Services Integration FAQ page to try to answer all questions as clearly as possible. If you still have an unanswered question, please contact us but be aware than at answer may take up to 3 business days. During this time, however, we accept the request to allow affiliates to upload your customer list with basic information only and lock them out of your affiliate account, giving them more time to prepare and upload the full customer details.