POS & App Developers

Although we have our own versions of POS systems and other payment applications YOU ARE OUR PREFERRED PARTNERS!

We provide a simple API for all type of payment processing (include plastics from the old payment world). We also provide full tech support.

Please register as a partner and apply for API kit today!

You can also register as an Affiliate Partner and receive our affiliate fees, as long as you register (upload a file) your customers before anyone else does or your customers register themselves directly.

Applications integrated with the old plastic (or smartphone) based transactions, will not satisfy merchants and their customers. Why should you give up your affiliate fee? Don’t wait for others to take them away from your affiliate income. Join us and upload your customer list to lock them down under your affiliate account.

Read more about our “first come first served” affiliate program…

For POS and invoicing application developers:

We supply API to integrate with our portal and marketplace too. It will tremendously reduce your development cost and increase your profit. It will allow your customers enjoy many amazing and unique benefits. If you or your firm is interested in partnering with a company poised to disrupt the entire trillion dollar payment industry, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out via our Partner Query page.