6nPay is currently offering Affiliate Partnerships to POS companies, gateways, payment and P2P app developers, IT service providers, and anyone who has access to a group of businesses.

However, the 6nPay system allows only one affiliate code linked to a single merchant. In other words, there can be only ONE AFFILIATE PER MERCHANT. So it is vital for you to sign up your merchants with 6nPay before someone else does so.


The AXS Token

A 6nPay AXS token is required per Affiliate-Customer link. As we approve your merchant list, you will be required to have in your account one token per merchant in order to create the Merchant Affiliate Key.

As long as the merchant is not completely integrated with our new system, the link key will be expired by the end of each month*. The system will try to generate a new key using available token in your account before the link will deleted**, In order to keep this link for another month***. If there are no available tokens in your account, upon key expiration the old link will be deleted and a new will not be created. This will permanently remove the merchant from your affiliate account, and its irreversible. The merchant integration must be completed no later than 6 months. Therefore we recommend to keep between 3-6 tokens per merchant in your affiliate account.

* Full month. If list was upload after the 1st of the month, it will be expired at the end of next month.
** Once the link expires, its not reversible.
*** We recommend 3-6 tokens per customer.

Steps required from affiliates:

Register as an Affiliate

Click here and tell us a little about yourself.

Lock down your customers

Upload a spreadsheet of all businesses you represent as an affiliate.

Merchant Information

Upload additional merchant information into the 6nPay system.

Setup Merchants

Set up new processing and MID

Complete Integration

Setup merchants with 6nPay terminals.