Partners & Affiliates


There is no place for banks and credit card companies in the future payment system! The antiquated, rusty and faulty plastic credit and debit card system will cease to exist. Merchants already have zero reasons to stay with their current processing and payment system. And now all software, services, and devices based on the obsolete card-based system are likely to go extinct as well!

Our Business Partners had many reasons to join us.
How about you?!


Become an affiliate. Our affiliate rate is equable 0.18% for all credit card transactions processed through our system.

Who should become an Affiliate Partner? You should become an affiliate if your customers cannot process payments with the highest flat rate of 1.26%, no PCI, no EMV, no falls charge-backs, no responsibility & liability for fraudulent charges, and with real-time funding 24/7/365 include non-business days and legal holidays.

If that’s not what your customers gets today, it’s just a matter of time before they join 6nPay. Be the first one to register them in and enjoy our affiliation program.

Merchant Services

If you are a “portfolio” holder – A Merchant Service Provider, ISO, Agent (residual based), Whatever you name it, you probably invested building your portfolio and you are not happy to lose it. But as the plastic card industry is about to be vanished. Middlemen, especially Merchant Services, are the first on the line.

We will offer your customers highest flat rate of 1.26% and real-time funding 24/7/365 include non-business days and legal holidays, and many other benefits. If you can’t beat or match, let’s talk reality…