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1.26% on all your payment processing – less than a half of what you pay today


Your money available in real-time 24/7/365 — including nights, weekends and legal holidays

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No Commitment or Cancellation Fees


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As the creators of the world’s first SaaS cloud-based POS and inventory control system

We provide our members with money saving, time-saving, and profit-generating technology & services like no one else.

End the tyranny of credit cards! 

6nPay gives you a peace-of-mind with no more PCI, EMV, liability shift, and false chargebacks.

Incredible Service


No Contracts


No Cancellation Fees

Don’t let credit card companies slap you around!

I was really surprised and happy to see such a low rate is real. I got better offers only by liars!

We were skeptical at the beginning and started only one location. After the first statement, we switched the entire chain.

I had every reason to believe I was paying the lowest rate, until I saw my friend’s statement from 6nPay.

We see the difference very clearly every month.

You’ll never get a better offer. Honest agents will not waste the time to visit your store to convince you to change.

Compared to the fortune I used to pay for conventional merchant services, using 6nPay saved me a whole bunch of money on fees every month.

If you are looking to save on processing fees, there is only one name - 6nPay. If you are looking to waste money on excessive fees, any merchant service company will do.

After switching back and forth between ripoffs and liars, I was lucky to be the first to join 6nPay testing. I finally have peace of mind.

This is one company that could actually change the world. For us as a chain store, it means a lot. If you are looking to save, you choose 6nPay.

I was a skeptic because I got fooled and burned several times before. But with no contract and no cancellation fees, I decided to give 6nPay a try. I’m so glad I did.

6nPay is the real deal. We wondered why they are the only ones not to have contract cancellation and termination fees. Now we know. What's the alternative? LOL!

At first is “sounded too good...” but 6nPay ended up “to be true”!

We were lucky to be accepted into their trial even though we are not their normal merchant type. 6nPay has the lowest fees by far.

6nPay is my first and only experience. I was lucky to find them when I opened my business. No one was ever able to compete.

We could not believe the fees would really be so much lower, until I compared the statements.

We’ve been using 6nPay since we started. But you should see the other agents’ faces when they see my statement. Hahaha. It's such a good feeling.

After moving to 6nPay, I was visited one day by an honest agent. He admitted they couldn’t compete or even come close to 6nPay’s rates. We’re sticking with 6nPay.

Call and say goodbye to your 
current merchant service provider
and his added fees.

You’ve had enough of them?! We all have.
6nPay cuts the middlemen from the payment system.