6nPay is perfect for all your personal and business purchases! Free yourself from the credit card companies and banks when you shop. With 6nPay, all you need is your 6-digit code. Use 6nPay in your favorite boutiques, grocery stores and coffee shops. 6nPay, the uncard credit company, is all you need!


6nPay is the future of payment systems. Merchants can enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction by using 6nPay for their merchant services. 6nPay works seamlessly with your current POS system and online store. Plus you’ll enjoy huge saving and benefits over credit card fees.

Partners & Affiliates

6nPay eliminates the need of banks, credit card companies, and their credit debit plastics from the payment system.

As we bring 6nPay to the world, we are partnering with hundreds of businesses, organizations, advanced technologies, and marketing partners.

Available to our partners, our API unlocks the powerful world of 6nPay. Join us!