Enjoy a New World of
Freedom With 6nPay 

Consumers no longer need plastic cards
for purchases. All you need is your finger
and your personal 6-digit code!

6nPay – The unCard Credit Company.

How Does it Work?

How it Works

Step 1:
Sign up for 6nPay

When you signup for 6nPay, you will receive a personal, secure 6-digit code and a line of credit for all your personal and business purchases.

Step 2:
Setup your account

6nPay works with a bank account or even an existing credit card. It will take literally days for you to realize you have no need for them anymore.

Step 3:

When making a purchase, simply enter your 6-digit code and press PAY. No plastic credit cards or smartphone payment apps needed.

6nPay also works for online purchases!

Start NowOpen your new 6nPay account here.

Behold your new
payment device

With 6nPay, the only thing you need to complete a transaction is your pointy finger and your personal 6-digit code. Simply enter your code at checkout and you’re done! You no longer need a credit card account or smartphone apps to make a purchase! Join the uncard credit company.