Buy 6nPay AXS Tokens

Merchants accessing the 6nPay platform must do so
via the 6npay AXS Token to access the platform.*

$40 Monthly POS Service | Current token price $10

For a Limited time

During our launch marketing campaign you may
buy tokens for a tremendous discounted price,
or get FREE tokens by joining our Marketing Partners.

(*membership fee cannot be paid by token.)

Token Exchange

Check here if you can buy tokens for a better price from a token holder.



About the 6nPay Access Token

6nPay services must be “purchased” using a digital token.
(*Except the membership fee.)
If you are not aware or are new to the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies:

We explain it using the analogy of a video game arcade in a private club, where you pay a monthly or annual membership fee. Once you are a member, you buy tokens and use them to enjoy the games. The 6nPay Access Tokens are used by 6nPay members to access the various elements of the 6nPay platform, including the POS, Payment Processing, Business Portal and Marketplace.

If you already aware with the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency technologies:

These latest technologies are very necessary in the payment industry, and play a significant role in the 6nPay ecosystem. Forcing the use of the token for all new customers serves our strategy for faster adoption of our ecosystem by the general market. The tokens may be replaced with a new (same value) tokens.

An explainer video about the technology and the token role in the ecosystem will be released at a later time.

The Token Exchange

The purpose of the exchange is to allow merchants and others to buy and sell tokens to each other below the token’s spot price. 6nPay is dedicated to supporting token holders who sell their extra or unneeded tokens, even if they underbid us.

Most token holders are those who purchased tokens during our Marketing Campaign, when tokens were sold at a discounted price.


It is important to emphasize that AXS Tokens are eligible for re-sale, thus you don’t have to be a merchant to buy/sell 6nPay AXS Tokens. Click here to buy tokens now.

Who Buys & Sells 6nPay Tokens?

  1. Any U.S. business which accepts credit card payments and wants to cut the tremendous cost of their current processing fees.
  2. Our existing users or new Merchants, in order to use the 6nPay platform.
  3. Affiliate partners who purchase AXS Tokens in order to link their customers to their affiliate account.
  4. Any of the above who purchased excessive tokens.
  5. IT service providers who will offer 6nPay services to their customers and sell them AXS Tokens (purchased at a discounted price)
  6. Resellers who buy discounted AXS Tokens for future re-sell.
  7. Any of our Marketing Partners who took part in supporting, advertising, and promoting the paradigm shift 6nPay is bringing to the payment system world, and rewarded with AXS Tokens.