About 6nPAY

The 6nPay team has a goal: Bringing the world a payment system with fairness. Fairness in all aspects. A system designed to work for YOU. A system that fits your needs in today’s modern world. A system that truly protects your money, identity, and privacy. A system that delivers real value. A system that will free consumers and merchants from the antiquated, risky, costly, and fraud-prone credit card system.

For the past decade, the 6nPay team has quietly designed, planned, invented and brainstormed every aspect of a revolutionary new payment transaction system. The result of all that work is 6nPay — an advanced, risk-free, fraud-proof payment technology platform and ecosystem.

6nPay renders credit cards obsolete with a payment method that is fair, easy, safe and saves both consumers and business thousands of dollars with zero effort.

If you ever imagined there was a better way to pay, you were right.

We are changing the world of payment with people around the world.

Our main team works from the U.S. and Israel and other locations worldwide.

We are looking for professionals in many different fields, including marketing, social media, PR, security, AI&ML, banking, credit card system, payment system, electronic financial transactions, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart contract, loyalty systems, credit card points system, and more.

You are invited to join us if you believe you can help us in one of these fields or in any other expertise.

6nPay is transforming the future of transactions, shopping and money, with clear benefits for you and your children. If anything is unclear, or you have questions, please check our FAQs.