Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is 6nPay?
6nPay is a revolutionary transaction system which eliminates the need for consumer credit cards and smartphone payment apps. By removing the plastic card from consumer transactions, 6nPay automatically removes all risk of card theft and fraud, saving businesses and consumers billions of dollars each year. And by shopping without a plastic card or smartphone, consumers will learn a new level of ease and convenience.
Where Can I Use 6nPay?
6nPay can be used in stores, shops, cafés, hair salons, or any other brick-and-mortar merchant which utilizes the 6nPay terminal.
How do I Make a Purchase
To complete a transaction, consumers simply enter their personal 6-digit code and press “Pay.” Your 6nPay account can complete the transaction using a number of sources, including your 6nPay credit account, a bank draft or a pre-existing credit card.
Do I Need a Credit Card Account?
No. In fact, the goal of 6nPay is to eliminate the need for plastic credit cards altogether. However, members are welcome to pair an existing credit card account with 6nPay as your preferred payment source, while still enjoying the safety, convenience, and benefits of the 6nPay system.  
What is a 6nPay Payment Source?
Consumers have the ability to complete their 6nPay transactions from three different sources — your 6nPay credit line, a direct payment via bank draft, or a pre-existing credit card account. You may setup any or all of these options in your 6nPay account. Then, when you complete a purchase with the 6nPay terminal, you may select the payment sources from your pre-set options with one tap of a button.
How Much Does it Cost to Join 6nPay?
For a limited time, 6nPay is free of charge. (VIP memberships have a small monthly fee.)

About 6nPay

What Makes 6nPay Unique?
6nPay is the result of a complete re-imagining of the antiquated credit card transaction system. With no plastic cards or smartphone apps necessary to make a purchase, 6nPay is the only payment technology of its kind. By eliminating the traditional plastic cards, 6nPay automatically eliminates the risk of card theft and fraud, saving consumers and business billions of dollars each year.


For businesses, 6nPay eliminates the high cost of processing credit card payments while seamlessly integrating coupons, loyalty and membership systems right into the 6nPay terminal.

How Do I Reverse a Charge?
The 6nPay team places your safety and security above all else. Our proprietary system insures that your payments are 100% risk free. Period. Anytime you find a payment you did not make on your account, simply click “False Charge” and the transaction will be reversed. No questions asked.

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