Welcome to 6nPay:
The UNcard Credit Company

Say GOOD-BYE to credit cards and HELLO to
a new world of freedom, fairness, convenience
and endless benefits.

What is 6nPay?


6nPay is a revolutionary new debit & credit system. You no longer need banks, credit cards or smartphone apps to make a purchase.

Just enter 6 simple digits, click PAY, and go!


Making purchases cannot be easier. Simply by enter your 6-digit code on the payment terminal. No plastic or smartphone app required.


There is no need for a bank or credit card to be involved in your payment. And no need for a smartphone or any other device.


Credit Cards are the #1 source of money and ID theft. But our proprietary technology ensures that ONLY YOU can use your account.


Your favorite brands will upload coupons which are automatically applied to your purchases, instantly saving you cash in real time.


Your private information is yours and under your control. With 6nPay, it is impossible to anyone to access, share or use your private information.


Consumers earn cash back, points from brands, merchants as well as 6nPay to use for future purchases and travel, and more.

The Ugly Truth About Credit Cards

Despite their apparent “convenience,” due to high transaction fees and rampant theft and fraud, credit cards are actually making you pay more at checkout. Much more. In fact, billions of dollar are lost annually due to credit cards and you are the one who pays for it. 6nPay humbly suggests a better, more convenient way to shop.

The Freedom & Convenience of 6nPay


6nPay is fundamentally different than credit cards. Besides giving you a card-free shopping experience, 6nPay gives you peace of mind by assuming 100% responsibility for your account’s security, including false charges and fraud. And there is no card to steal!


6nPay is different. We keep merchant fees lower than credit cards rates, which ultimately saves you, the customer, money. And 6nPay gives you hassle-free line of credit, serious savings via automatic coupon, comfort, ease and convenience.


Imagine the comfort and freedom of making a purchase with 6 simple digits and walking away. No purses, no wallets, no plastic, no apps, no cash. Finally, a better way to pay. Join 6NPay today and liberate yourself from credit cards!